Habla Stylish?

Fashion For-Word Lexicon

Fashion is the word for life in Style!

The Fashion For-Word Lexicon is a fashion forward (see what I did there!) modern glossary. It expands your ability to define a fashion related experience (as in your answer to the question “What’s the word for a specific fashion event (such as a runway selfie pic)? Example: “The #fashionforword of the day is #styleselfie.”

This glossary originated with the foundation of the predecessor to GSyndicates Magazine, which is a publication that was also written by the GSM Editor In Chief, for Haute Midwest Media.

Go ahead, have fun with it! Grow your style vocab with the Fashion For-Word Lexicon.

Hash Tag



A fashion ensemble that is perfect from head to toe. Example: “You dressed #bangstoBlahniks for this _________ (insert a fashionable event).”


The serendipity of GSyndicates fashion. Discovering in an unplanned experience, that GS has the look you’ve been looking for. Example: “What #brandipity will you discover next?”


A fashionista’s educational and or professional credentials. Example: “Get your #divagree in #fashUcation.”


A fashionista’s world of style. Example: “Welcome to the #divaverse: it’s a beautiful world.”


When when you have whatnot to wear that’s what “not” to wear. Example: “Did your #fabgodrab? Get style help from the GStyle Concierge.”


A fashionista’s nationality – ‘cause we’re all divas – every color, every language, everywhere. Example: “Vogue is my #fashionality.”


How to say that you are defining a fashion experience (as in the answer to, “What’s the word for (a fashion experience such as a runway selfie pic). Example: “The #fashionforword of the day is #styleselfie.”


A dictionary of fashion related words founded by #HauteMidwest. Example: “Look up #divagree in the #fashionforwardlexicon.”


A fashionista’s anthem. Example: “Girls just wanna have #fashionfun!”


A curriculum or program of fashionable education leading to a #divagree, or a degree in a fashion driven industry. Example: “Get your #divagree in #fashUcation!”


Haute Midwest Fashion University, affectionately known as #FashUversity; an online fashion education program. Example: “Get your #divagree from #fashUversity!”


The unique ability to apply a peak fashion sense and sensibility to more than the clothes you wear. Example: “I’m living life in #GStyle.”


The fashionable Midwest. Haute Midwest Magazine – The Midwest fashion experience. Example: “Iowa is the heart of the #hautemidwest – and the home of Haute Midwest!”


A spa holiday to refresh your inner fashionista. It will make you say, “Ahh.” Example: “Win a #Spahhliday“.


Show and tell for the fashionable masses. Example: “Share your best look: #styleandtell.”


Fashion on your 6. Example: “GStyle has your styleback.”


A fashionista’s creative portfolio (design sketches, garments, and accessories, modeling portfolio, photography book, hair show reel, etc.) Example: “Update your #stylefolio before submitting your application.”


A style overhaul. The ultimate makeover. Example. “Seriously, you need a #stylehaul.”


A deep appreciation for the professional skills of a true fashionista in her or his element. Example: “I have #StyleLove for you!”

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