GSyndicates’ #Stylefolio

2013 – 2020 GSyndicates Web Cover. Apparel by Shenica R. Graham. Silhouettes by Sattva

GSyndicates Hotline Neckline designed by Shenica Graham

About GSyndicates’ Stylefolio

According the Fashion For-Word Lexicon (a modern fashion glossary), a #stylefolio is:

A fashionista’s creative portfolio (design sketches, garments, and accessories, modeling portfolio, photography book, hair show reel, etc.) Example: “Update your #stylefolio before submitting your application.”

In the GSyndicates #Stylefolio, discover the designs and creative processes behind GS brands. View graphic art, photos, and videos.

Photo Gallery: Models Wearing GSIA

  • Model Anna in GSIA
Models wearing GSIA (from left to right): Ashlyn, Kona, Lauren, and Nora (pictured with Emanuel, son of GSyndicates Founder). Lydia is wearing Ra Sha.

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The next GSyndicates fashion showcase is slated for October 15th, 2021.

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