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GSyndicates™ Media is your intelligent choice for a excellence in words. Our writing engages your audiences and customers so you can grow your business.

Shenica R. Graham – Creative Director, GSyndicates™ Media

GSyndicates™ Media Writing Services

Our Writing Experience

We are the “novel idea” writer. We have over 20 years of experience in print and web copywriting.

Where there’s a writer, there’s a way.

Shenica R. Graham, Author, Shine: A Woman of Purpose

For all of your copywriting needs, we can pen original text for personal or business use.

We write marketing campaigns, standard bearing dialogs (e.g. telephone answering scripts), commercial ad scripts, brochures, postcards, motivational books, training manuals, technical instructions, leadership and personal development guides, audiovisual presentations, slide presentations, speeches, jokes, and anecdotes, application letters, resumes, grants, editorials, promotional texts, jargon-intensive documents such as policies, procedures, rules, and regulations; and the list goes on!

Our Writing Services

  • Write drip emails
  • Write case studies
  • Write how-to guides
  • Write business plans
  • Write F.A.Q.s files
  • Write help files
  • Write online user manuals
  • Write online technical manuals
  • Write instructional procedures
  • Write Newsletters
  • Write promotional video scripts
  • Write press releases
  • Write direct response copy
  • Write sales funnel copy
  • Write journalism copy
  • Write course curricula
  • Write course syllabi
  • Write email campaigns
  • Write topical blogs
  • Write direct response copy
  • Write social media posts
  • Write landing page copy
  • Write product sales page copy
  • Write checkout page copy
  • Write webinar registration page copy
  • Write pop-up copy
  • Write job descriptions
  • Write job post copy
  • Write thank you page copy
  • Write affiliate email copy
  • Write webinar copy
  • Write ghost copy
  • Write resumes
  • Write headlines and subject lines
  • Write impromptu emails
  • Write service Desk canned responses
  • Write social media canned responses
  • Create and manage email marketing campaigns.
  • Write marketing emails referring recipients to ICC website.
  • Convert online ICC blog to eNewsletter at the end of every month, for email on the first of following month.
  • Write and publish user guides and manuals to improve workflow
  • Write and publish online help files
  • Write and publish online digital newsletter
  • Write and publish online courses and trainings on topics of your choice

We write blogs and Woo Commerce copy. Do you need a flow of fresh content for your hot topics? We can help with that!

Are you looking for a writer who can present your products and services in words that intrigue and encourage your customers to buy? We have a novel idea!

Thank you for choosing GSyndicates™ Media!

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