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Shine book

About Shine: A Woman of Purpose

The woman’s heart is more than a treasure chest. It is a prism reflecting with points of light. Cultivate this sacred spiritual flower of femininity into womanhood, sisterhood, and motherhood.

Shenica R. Graham, Founder / CEO, Graham Global Enterprises


This book is dedicated to the Almighty God, Jehovah, The Great I AM, who saved my life… again, and again, and again…


Thank You ABBA! Thank you JESUS! Thank You HOLY SPIRIT!

Many noteworthy achievements in my life bear the unmistakable presence of a supporting, nurturing woman, without whom my greatest accomplishments would have been thwarted at so many different turns; and with the prayers of many, I have been blessed to come to this place of teaching what I have learned through many trials and downloads from the Holy Spirit, and through the watchful care of many of those I thank here.

I also acknowledge and thank Elder Cary D. Graham, my biological Dad, for loving me unconditionally and setting high examples of education and selfless giving, that have taught me so much about really matters in life. I am so glad that you were able to meet your my son, your eldest grandchild, before your passing. You are missed from my soul.

I also acknowledge and thank my mother, Sunshine, for risking everything to give me a life of love and joy. Thank you Papaw Morris for unending prayer and supplication in the Spirit. Thank You Grandma Annie. Thank You Grandma Marie. Thank You Grandpa John. Thank You Grandpa Harrell. Thank You Uncle Kenneth. Thank you Colonel Dad. Thank you Mother Marcene. Thank you Mother Harriet. Thank you Mother Angela. Thank you Auntie Gloria. Thank you Auntie Earleen. Thank you Auntie Barbara. Thank You Auntie Annette. Thank You Aunt Celia. Thank you Auntie Virginia. Thank you Uncle Zebedee. Thank You Uncle Herbie. Thank you Joy. Thank You Ebony. Thank You Sandra. Thank You Stacie. Thank You Annette. Thank You Ronnie. Thank You Jamial. Thank You Tamara. Thank You Michela. Thank you Velmeta. Thank you Romeo. Thank You Bawaka. Thank You Cassandra. Thank You Milton. Thank You Ramone. Thank You Reuben. Thank You Steve. Thank You RaShad. Thank You Rahkeem. Thank You Shawndra. Thank You Raheem. Thank You Emanuel V. Thank You Emanuel Cary. Thank You Chanice. Thank You Emanuel VI. Thank You Akili. Thank You Grandma GG. Thank You Grandpa Alexander. Thank You Peterson. Thank you Nevaeh. Thank You Emanuel. Thank You Katrina. Thank You Jeremiah. Thank You Pastor Mike. Thank You Uplines. Thank you team. Thank You Byron. Thank You Kristen. Thank You Nurse Dina. Thank You Dr. B. Thank You Barbara A. Thank You Dr. O. Thank You Dr. P. Thank You Jenna. And thank you.

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