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My Psych Teacher University Cover / Banner (Fotor Template) Customized by Shenica R. Graham

– About This Project –
Copywriting, Graphics Design, WordPress Customization

Design Specs

These are the project design requirements: Create an online services style website for My Psych Teacher University (MPTU) online. Include the website cover/banner previously created (by Shenica R. Graham). Display the words “My Psych Teacher University as a heading. Display the words “Learning to Live With Mental Health” as a subheading. Include the logo banner previously created (shown below).

Include a minimum of the following pages: Home, About (subpages: Our Founder), Blog, Courses (subpage: Free Psych Courses), Services, Careers (subpages: Teach @ MPTU, FAQs), Give, Events, Shop, Contact. Add other sub-pages as appropriate. Create a social media presence. Create a second website for the teacher hub. My Psych Teacher LLC hires teachers for My Psych Teacher University. Refer to project sources provided by the client for descriptions of all categories and pages.

Project Fulfillment: The How?

The website cover/banner shown above was designed using a Fotor image template. The color scheme and background were changed. Knowing the stigma of mental illness, I wanted to bring the opposite of despair and suffering to the forefront. When I found this template featuring a brightly smiling woman’s face, I knew it was the right juxtaposition emoting joy of mental health. I also wanted the image to be colorful, like the many graphical displays of the human brain with its functioning regions depicted by different colors.

The MPTU logo (shown at left) was designed to be a bold image of the university name, something that would be memorable and look well in a web design. It includes my trademark element of a rotated word (in this case, horizontal to vertical): the “.COM” is vertical at the right border of the image.

For the My Psych Teacher (LLC) logos, I wanted to make the word “My” a standout image to show ownership by those who study here. This is a university for the people, genuinely reaching out to provide services to the mental health community.

The WordPress content management system (CMA) was used to create the website. WordPress was used because as a Web and CSS designer with over 9 years of experience working in WordPress, I have not found a better, more user-friendly, consistent, reliable CMS. This project implements the Appetite WordPress template (theme), including extensive graphic design and online copywriting at MPTU ( and the parent company, My Psych Teacher, LLC ( The image below displays the customized WordPress theme for MPTU.

“My Psych Teacher University is here for you!” – Shenica Graham wrote the script and selected the clips for this video (

– About This Client –
My Psych Teacher University (MPTU)

My Psych Teacher University (MPTU) is a fully online educational community offering flexible interactive courses in psychology, specializing in mental health and other topics under the umbrella of psychology. Our courses help students transform their mental health journey from anywhere in the world at their own pace.

My Psych Teacher University was founded May 14, 2020, by a single tutor/teacher – its current founder and current President / CEO, Shenica R. Graham. She saw untapped potential in the mental health education industry. This potential was in creating a new low-cost position while maintaining quality competitiveness with larger more established companies on quality.

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