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#Brandipity is a phrase coined by our founder, describing the “serendipity of fashion.” #Brandipity is the propensity of our new and loyal customers to find something that suits their fancy, even if they are not looking for the specific items that they find.

About GSyndicates Magazine Online

GSyndicates Magazine is your exclusive, premium source for fashion news and reviews directly from GSyndicates brands and partners. This publication is an online / print hybrid featuring virtual and tangible content.

Due to the dual publishing platform, select articles and features from the print edition are published online. Subscription to the online edition is free of charge and requires only your name and email address to receive updates when new articles are posted.

To subscribe to the online edition, complete the “Subscribe to GSM Online” name / email submission form that appears at the right of most pages on this site.

About The Print Edition

The print edition of GSyndicates Magazine is published quarterly in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. It features virtual runway coverage, product releases from GSyndicates™ brands, and special articles from GSM departments. Select articles from the print edition are deemed print-only exclusives and do not appear in the online edition.

NOTE: The Summer and Fall print issues are special editions including more exclusive content to fill your fashion appetite. Choose an annual subscription or select a specific seasonal publication.

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