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Current Editor’s Letter…

I really love movies. I admire how writers and filmographers and directors and actors and many others work together to produce emotion.

I am particularly a fan of movies by Tyler Perry. He is masterful in his craft. He persevered when no one wanted to help him reach his goals (Been there. Done that.) He overcame tremendous odds and is now living his dreams. Head on over to Biography to learn more about this awesome man.

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Editor’s Welcome

Hello and welcome to GSyndicates Magazine™ – your new and exclusive, premium source for fashion news and reviews directly from GSyndicates™ Founder and Designer, Shenica R. Graham (yours truly), and other brands.

GSyndicates Magazine is launching a fashion staple to take you everywhere from skinny jeans to skin care. We will feature virtual runway coverage and product releases for the entire family.

Our goal is to bring fashion to the world in a direct access model that puts GSyndicates at your fingertips and your doorstep.

GSyndicates has come a long way from its debut. Today, GSyndicates has something for everybody (and every body) – whether you are a model 2, or a perfect size 20, we want to be your go-to style maker.

This year, GSyndicates is spinning its classic collection on an international turntable. While GSJEANS CO is still Made In The USA, GSIA is back with influences from the US Midwest to the far reaches of Africa. By popular demand, GS introduces GSyndicates Black, honoring African American culture and the history of Black fashion designers – from “society’s best kept secret,“ Anne Lowe, to an upcoming genial you may have yet to encounter. We’re opening the vault on Black fashion moguls.

Finally, we’re sourcing the best accessories from bags to jewels to overnight wonders (that’s what your crème is supposed to do). We are excited about all things good to come in 2021. See you on the ride.

Shenica R. Graham

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