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ICC Inc. Project Archive: Images

This page includes all images created for ICC Inc. Documents are listed alphabetically. Click images for larger views and to print single image files.

Brochure Images

To print full brochures containing the front and back images in a single document, click the “Download Full-Color…” and “Download Grayscale…” links to download .PDF files.

ICC Behavioral Health Services (BHIS) Brochure Images

Full-Color Version

Grayscale Version

ICC Behavioral Health & Skill Development Services Brochure Images

Full Color Version

Grayscale Version

ICC General Information Brochure Images

Full Color Version

Grayscale Version

Logo Images

The version shown above was derived from the originals according to ICC CEO’s requested edits. This logo was subsequently selected to be the official ICC brand image. This image is used in various colors, depending on the product or publication.

The following logos were proposed.

Web Design Images

Website design images below are are static image mockups of what your website may look like if it were online. These are not functional web pages. However, exact replicas of these layouts can be produced in an online environment. You can request modifications to these layouts. (Files are being edited to incorporated selected logo.)

Below are sample wireframes. These are the framework for your overall site design. You can create sketches like this to let your designer know how you want your pages to flow. Your designer can create wireframes and full-color web design files based on your sketches.

Mini Flyer Images

The following quarter-page images can be mixed and matched to create unique mini-flyers. All image sources are the same same size and shape, regardless of how they appear here. Click images for larger views.

ICC Ames Mini Invitation Flyer (Style A: “Arches”)

Style A – Blue
Style A – Black
Style A – Brown / Gold
Style A – Gold / Black
Style A – Grayscale

ICC Ames Mini Invitation Flyer (Style B: “Photo Header”)

Style B – Color Photo Header
Style B – Grayscale Photo Header

ICC Ames Mini Invitation Flyer (Style C: “Highlighter”)

Style C – Purple
Style C – Grayscale

ICC Ames Mini Invitation Flyer (Style D: “Bold”)

Style D – Orange / Black
Style D – Grayscale

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