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My Project Images: Websites

Innovative Counseling & Consulting, Inc. Media Services Portal

The details on this page are provided for your information only. Please Contact your Social Media Manager with questions or to request edits for your projects.

Use the links below to navigate this index of website images created for ICC Inc. This index retains original and upgraded files in case there is a need to roll back designs or locate previous versions for any reason. Click thumbnail images or image titles to view full-size files.

NOTE: These website images are are static image mockups of what your website may look like if it were online. These are not functional web pages. However, exact replicas of these layouts can be produced in an online environment. You can request modifications to these layouts. (Files can be edited to incorporate your selected logo and other photos/images.)

My Original Web Page Designs

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Below are sample wireframes. These are the framework for your overall site design. You can create sketches like this to let your designer know how you want your pages to flow. Your designer can create wireframes and full-color web design files based on your sketches.

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Questions? Comments? Please contact your Social Media Manager to submit questions, comments, or edit requests after reviewing projects.

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