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GStyle Concierge™ Frequently Asked Questions

The GStyle Concierge is an image consulting and fashion advisement service exclusively for members and customers. This page holds answers to frequently asked questions from this community.

Please browse these answers before contacting us. If you still have questions after reading this resource, use this form to contact us.

What is a GStyle (GS) Custom Fit Profile?

The GStyle Custom Fit Profile is your key to getting the right fit every time you order custom apparel and accessories. We fulfill your order based on the details contained in your profile.

How do I create my GStyle™ Custom Fit Profile?

The GStyle Concierge can help you create a GStyle Custom Fit Profile. On the product detail page, click the “Buy Now!” button. You will be prompted to create or update your GS Custom Fit Profile before completing the payment process. Complete the required information to receive a GS Customer ID. This ID links your profile to your orders.

How do I link my GStyle Custom Fit Profile to my order?

Enter your GStyle Customer ID in the appropriate field on your product order form.

What if I am purchasing for someone else – do I have to link my profile to the order?

Yes and No. Yes, you should link your profile for account history purposes and order tracking. No, you do not have to apply your profile details to the garment or accessory you are purchasing. If you want to purchase an item for someone else, select the “This is a gift” option on the order customization page. Your GStyle Customer ID will assigned to the order. Your profile details will not be applied to the item your are purchasing.

Do I have to complete the entire profile every time I make a purchase?

No. If you have previously created a GStyle Custom Fit Profile, you do not need to complete all questions on the form each time you make a purchase. You can choose to complete only the required contact details and the questions for which you want to edit / update your profile information.

Is creating a GStyle Custom Fit Profile required to place my order?

No. Creating a profile is optional but recommended to ensure your best fit. If you do not create a profile, you can still place your order with standard sizing options.

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