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GStyle Concierge™ Color ANalyst

What is color analysis? (from Wikipedia)

The GStyle™ Color Analyst also known as personal color analysis (PCA), seasonal color analysis, or skin-tone matching, describes the method of determining colors of clothing and makeup that harmonize with a person’s skin complexion, eye color, and hair color, with the benefit of being able to use this tool for wardrobe planning and style consulting.

What does a color analyst do? (from Wikipedia)

Color analysis demonstrates how certain shades are capable of being flattering or, conversely, unflattering by observing the optical illusions that occur on the face when placing specific colors next to the individual. It is generally agreed that the wrong colors will draw attention to such flaws as wrinkles or uneven skin tone while harmonious colors will enhance the natural beauty of the individual making them appear healthy and fresh-faced.

What is seasonal color analysis? (from Wikipedia)

Seasonal analysis is a technique that attempts to place individual coloring into the tonal groupings of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, or their sub-variants. However, the approach can vary greatly among different schools of thought.

Some color analysis systems classify an individual’s personal combination of hair color, eye color and skin tone using labels that refer to a color’s “temperature” (cool blue vs. warm yellow) and the degree to which the hair, skin and eye colors contrast. Cosmetic colors are often determined by hair or eye color alone.

Your GStyle Color Analysis will be used by your:

  • GStyle™ Color Analyst
  • GStyle™ Fashion Stylist
  • GStyle™ Image Consultant
  • GStyle™ Makeover Consultant
  • GStyle™ Personal Shopper
  • GStyle™ Shop Plus+

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