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GSyndicates Media

GSyndicates Media does more than websites. We design apparel and accessories, create graphics, write creative copy, take interesting photos, and more!

GSyndicates Magazine

GSyndicates Magazine Spring 2021

Haute Midwest Magazine

HM MODEL Lauren On The Cover of Haute Midwest : February 2014

Haute Midwest MODELs

Attention Agents and Models: Haute Midwest MODEL Talent Management (HM MTMGMT) has a current open call for HM MODELs – men and women who work as models, social media influencers, fashion bloggers, and brand ambassadors for GSyndicates. These are paid opportunities. To work for us, you must be an HM MODEL. View the open call.

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About GSyndicates™ Enterprises

GSyndicates Enterprises

“We have the look you’ve been looking for!”

Shenica R. Graham – Founder, GSyndicates

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GSyndicates Enterprises (GSyndicates LLC) is the parent of a growing fashion and design business conglomerate. We started with one fashion line, GSIA. Our network is now over twenty businesses strong. Continue reading to learn more about us.

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About Our Network

GSyndicates™ (formerly Graham Syndicates)(also GS or ) is a fashion / sewing / modeling / e-commerce, beauty, apparel, and accessories mashup and shop. This mode forward fashion hybrid combines skin care, jewelry, bags, apparel, shoes, and custom tailoring to form a one-stop source for all of your fashion needs. 

Our Mission

GSyndicates is about more than the clothes you wear. Our motto is, “We have the look you’ve been looking for.” Our mission is bringing “style from day to night and dazzle to divalicious™ by promoting positive self-image – something that will never go out of style.

GSyndicates is driven by social media as designs are shared on Facebook, pinned at Pinterest, Tweeted, blogged, and worn with confidence. We create opportunities for aspiring fashion industry stars including designers, models, photographers, artists, and more.

Our Specialty

The GSyndicates™ specialty is “comfortable elegance, providing custom tailored apparel and accessories designed to turn up the style in any wardrobe.” Our services comprise total image consulting. We have a helpful concierge for all of your fashion needs. GSyndicates™ also creates opportunities for aspiring fashion industry stars including designers, models, photographers, artists, and more.

Our Brands

Learn more about our departments. Visit our most popular brand, GSyndicates Fashions.

Our Vision of How GSyndicates™ Works

GSyndicates™ is style in motion, moving designs from concept to personality in the digital fashion world. We are the first American manufacturing team of its kind, born and bred online by an African American woman. « See how it works.

Our Story

GSyndicates™ began as a “Made in the USA” project of fashion and couture artist, Shenica Renee Graham. She founded GSyndicates™ and Haute Midwest Magazine with Sponsor, House of Sherell, following her apparel and accessory designer début (collection titled GSIA – now part of GSyndicates™) at the House of Sherell Fashion Extravaganza on November 6, 2013.

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