About GSyndicates™ Media

GSyndicates™ Media is your intelligent choice for content that engages. We are the largest department of GSyndicates™ Enterprises, an Iowa limited liability company. We have over twenty sister departments and several subsidiaries in our network. Our creative vision is to own a large share of the media design market in the US Midwest.

We provide quality services for businesses and individuals including. copywriting, CSS design, graphic design, HMTL design, social media management, web development, WordPress theme customization, and WordPress theme development.

Our extensive writing and project design experience spanning two decades, allows us to create the marketing P3 – “Products, Paraphernalia, and Publications.” Our inventive, yet precise knack for design and lexicography will present your products and services in images and words that invite readers to do more than browse: words and images that invite them to take action in supporting your projects and events with sales.

Our Mission

Our mission is promoting positive business and self-image through excellence in design and customer service – things that will never go out of style.

Our Specialty

We love creating opportunities for aspiring fashion industry stars including designers, models, photographers, artists, writers and more!

Our Parent Company

GSyndicates™ Enterprises know the art of business. We are excellent by design.

Shenica R. Graham – Founder, GSyndicates™ Media

GSyndicates™ Enterprises (GSyndicates LLC) is the parent company of GSyndicates™ Media and its growing network. It started with one fashion line (GSIA). The network is now over twenty departments and a dozen subsidiaries strong, spanning the business, fashion, and non-profit sectors.

GSyndicates™ Enterprises is about building people through the power of fashion. It’s more than the clothes you wear. Our motto is, “The Art of Business. Excellent by Design.” We know the business of communication; and there is magic in our creativity. « Meet our Founder.

Thank you for choosing GSyndicates™ Media!
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