Celebrating the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King Day is observed in the US on the third Monday of January. This year, “MLK Day” is Monday, January 18th. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. became the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize on October 14, 1964. This honor was majorly in recognition of his untiring work to end racial prejudice in the US by leading a non-violent resistance.

On MLK Day, people worldwide recognize the historic and empowering service and leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by serving their community. If you are looking for ways to get involved in the National Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, visit http://mlkday.gov.

Quality mentoring is one of many ministries that empowers people to continue in positive ways, and to make needed changes for the better. Have you thought of how you can make a difference in the life of a youth this year? Here is one way…

Through publications and other resources that will be added to SandLine Productions, I am offering the opportunity for parents, teachers, and other leaders, to be a part of a powerful mentoring program for at-risk youth.

Mentoring is Ministry

Christ always took time to teach others what they needed to know to grow – not only what He wanted them to know about himself. Of course He taught about His role in God’s plan. He also taught many practical lessons. His teaching was not as one know-it-all to another. Christ was a people-builder. He understood and embodied the difference made with proper guidance. Even in His divinity, He always acknowledged the connection to His Father, God – the ultimate role model.

What would you guess is the biggest problem facing youth today?

One of them is discouragement (the same boulder that may have blocked many of your own roads). We can solve that problem with life investors – people who invest their life energy in mentoring, apprenticeship, financial and spiritual support, and BEING CREATIVE in their response to what ails the world.

What a Difference a Mentor Makes

I nearly lost my own life to suicidal depression. I know what a difference a mentor makes; what else has helped me; and how to teach (much of) what worked best. That being said, I will be posting to this blog, elements of the SandLine Program – a mentoring and leadership intervention for at-risk youth. This program will be offered freely to anyone who can and needs to participate.

The SandLine curriculum will include high-impact courses, which will be delivered via online educational platform. Related materials including applicable tools and resources that I may be able to present, will be made available for streaming, download, printing, etc. as appropriate. The full content of the original SandLine Program | Mentoring Workbook will be donated to an appropriate entity upon completion to ensure that the original form remains free to the public, even if later compiled in a traditional format.

You’re Invited!

You may already be a life investor. If so, thank you. If not, you can still make a positive difference in the lives of others. Whether you are a Doctor of Leadership, or a teen looking for a reason to give good a chance, this is your personal invitation to start 2014 by becoming or training to become a mentor for at-risk youth. Your training is free here; and you can access it from anywhere in the world. If you need the program for your personal growth and are not ready to be a mentor, there is also no fee to participate.

Happy National Mentoring Month.

Each ONE reach ONE. EveryONE teach ONE.

– Shenica R. Graham
Ciao for now!

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