From day to night and dazzle to divalicious, the GStyle Concierge is at your service.

The GStyle Concierge™ is your personal expert digital image consultant, fashion advisor, color analyst, fashion stylist, apparel designer, makeover artist, personal shopper, and wardrobe stylist. From sourcing the perfect accessories to education on how to maximize your looks, the GStyle Concierge™ has your #styleback.

Did you land a new job? Are you getting ready for a special occasion? Even if you just need a lifestyle lift, the GStyle Concierge™ has just what the stylist ordered.

GStyle Concierge™ Services

Color Analyst

The GStyle Concierge™ can direct you in personal color analysis (PCA) and skin-tone matching, as well as determining a custom color palette for clothing and makeup that are in harmony with your unique complexion, eye color, and hair color. This vital information will benefit you when working with the GStyle Concierge™ as your personal style consultant and when selecting your custom wardrobe.

Custom Tailor

The GStyle Concierge™ has over forty years experience in custom apparel manufacturing. If you are looking for bespoke fashion to complement your unique style and expressive personality, the GStyle Concierge can assist you with everything from design to delivery of custom tailored clothing that will fit your figure and your life.

Fashion Stylist

Got what not to wear? We can fix that. Discover the fundamental elements of a wardrobe that works as well as you do – for you. Learn the 3 C’s of your personal GStyle™ (cut, color, confidence) and never let your #fabgodrab again.

What is the GStyle Fashion Stylist?

The GStyle™ Fashion Stylist is your personal fashion consultant. She selects the clothing you wear for published editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances, and any other public appearances you make.

The GStyle Fashion Stylist is an everyday stylist who can also meet the demands of celebrities. She creates custom looks for red carpets, catwalks, and office parties. Even if you are not famous, the GStyle Fashion Stylist can help you upgrade your personal style from “unknown” to “best dressed”.

The GStyle Fashion Stylist is a perfect addition to your creative team. She can collaborate with your fashion designer, photographer/director, hair stylist, and makeup artist to create the look you want and or the look your team is working to build for a particular theme or project.

The GStyle Fashion Stylist uses your GStyle Custom Fit Profile to curate your perfect wardrobe and complete your makeover. Request a consultation today for your custom wardrobe or other apparel including wedding garments and special occasion attire.

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Image Consultant

Get the inside look to bring out your best and take your image to the next level. The GStyle Concierge™ has the expertise of a custom tailor and a proven stylist with the tools to rebrand you without breaking the bank.

What You Will Learn

  • Your color palette / profile
  • How to coordinate your clothing and accessories
  • Proper etiquette
  • Proper body language
  • Effective communication
  • Personal presentation
  • Personal branding

Plus++ you’ll save more $$ when you purchase an exclusive wardrobe including custom apparel and accessories. Request a consultation today for your personal image makeover.

Makeover Consultant

Get a GStyle makeover and work your wow factor. Plus++ you’ll get custom spa essentials and more to re-create your new fabu. Contact your personal makeover consultant, the GStyle Concierge to get started.

Shop Plus+

Shop Plus+ services enhance your gift giving.

  • Free Shipping for GStyle Community Members.
  • Gift Cards. Select a gift card amount from $5 to $5,000. Get instant digital delivery.
  • Gift Boxing. Add $10 to any purchase for delivery of your custom order in a GS gift box with a  greeting card that you can personalize for your gift recipient.
  • Gift Wrapping. Add $10 to any purchase to include external gift wrapping over a  gift box containing your purchase.
  • Greeting Cards. Add $2 to any purchase to include a greeting card that you can personalize for your gift recipient.

GStyle Concierge™ Solutions

  • Community. The GStyle Community is important to the success of GS brands. Members share their fashion experience and style expertise with their family, friends, and social networks. Select GStyle customers are invited to become GStyle Experts.
  • Custom Fit Profile. Get the right fit every time. Read the FAQs to learn more.
  • Personal Shopper. The GStyle Personal Shopper helps you shop by giving advice and making suggestions according to your color analysis and other GStyle profiles. Get advice and suggestions before you buy.

Free Initial Consultation

Request a free initial consultation today for your custom wardrobe or other apparel including wedding garments and special occasion attire.

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